Thursday, October 26, 2006

Big Trouble in Point Loma Revisited

Last time we visited this flipper (This Old House Flip: Big Trouble in Point Loma)
his asking was $740K-$875K.
Looks like he took a class on expectation management.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New website launches to save fools from foreclosure

Blaine, WA (PRWEB via PRWeb), LLC re-launched its North American website, The new and improved site better educates homeowners by outlining the numerous options available to them when faced with the unfortunate reality of a foreclosure.

Now homeowners facing foreclosure can quickly understand all of their options with a click of their mouse. The new site lays out homeowners' options into two main categories, Help Me Keep My Home or Help Me Sell My Home Fast. The new format provides homeowners easy to understand solutions to saving their home and their credit.

Additionally, homeowners can immediately contact their local representatives who can personally explain the pros and cons of each solution and help them determine their best course of action for stopping the foreclosure."Our new website will revolutionize the way homeowners prevent foreclosures on their homes," said Justin Lee, CEO,, LLC.

He continued, "No other company helping individuals facing foreclosure is providing all of these solutions at the click of a mouse. When individuals are facing foreclosure, time is not on their side. They need information quickly and assistance in making the right decision on what to do to halt a foreclosure. Understanding the positives and negatives of each potential solution is a key differentiator that provides its clients.

At, homeowners can understand all of their options and contact their local representatives instantly to get assistance in stopping their foreclosure."As foreclosures hit an all time high in the United States more help is needed for homeowners facing foreclosure. Websites like are leading the way in helping individuals facing foreclosure. Not only are they helping individuals stop a pending foreclosure but they are making sure the homeowner is making the right decision by arming him or her with all of their options.

Additionally, is now offering direct access via their new website to credit repair services and they launched a daily blog that offers homeowners valuable information on foreclosures, credit repair and what they can do to prevent a foreclosure. You can find the blog at specializes in helping clients who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments or are facing foreclosure. The company has local representatives across North America who can offer comprehensive solutions to foreclosure problems. was originally launched in 2004. As a family owned and operated company providing foreclosure prevention and consultation service, the company has grown into an international firm with local representatives throughout the United States and Canada.

"the company has grown into an international firm" -- There must be plenty of business out there. --Bob

Carlsbad flipper hasn't recieved the memo

Why would anyone in their right mind buy this house, there is no upside, there is a reason it's been on the market for 110 days---no flipper will touch this thing.

More bad news for Carlsbad

Carlsbad sinking slowly