Monday, November 20, 2006

Flippers struggle in Chula Vista

Listing Detail:

Sale Detail:

Potentional Loss: -$75,500 to $57,500
What the heck were you doing paying $600K for a 1700 sq ft home in Chula Vista. You get what you deserve flipper!

Myopic sellers abound!

Relator: "Seller will entertain offers between $925k-$975k. Great Lot in a Great Spot. The huge 12, 500 sq. ft. lot includes a 3 bedroom 1-bath home that you will probably tear down, but could fix-up. This one could be something special...A huge home or four condos for investors."

This seller think he could get a million dollars for some land in a questionable area of San Diego. Good luck finding a sucker. I believe I would pay in the neighboorhood of $175K.